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An in-depth technical look at many of the exciting enhancements and new capabilities introduced in the Oracle 12c Database that help make life easier for the DBA and Oracle Developer.

Among a number of topics, we’ll have a look at changes with respect the Cost Based Optimizer, new statistics gathering options, discuss many of the new indexing related capabilities such as Partial Indexes, Advanced Index Compression, Asynchronous Global Index Maintenance, etc. and look at many of those cool little things such as In-Database Archiving, Automatic Data Optimization, Identity Columns, Row-Limiting Clauses, Temporary Undo, Online Move operations, Clustering Attributes, Temporal and Improved Flashback Queries etc. to name but a few that can sometimes make all the difference.

Might even squeeze in a bit of Database In-Memory.  So plenty to talk about !!




Oracle Office
300 Ann Street
Level 14
Brisbane, QLD